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Dodge Grand Caravan

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Rent a Minivan in Houston, Texas

Residents and visitors to this great city will find the fleet of vehicles offered at Miles Car Rental Houston to be very extensive. Miles Car Rental offers everything from economy compact to luxury Vehicles. If it is a minivan, SUV, Suburban, or 12 passenger van rental in Houston that is needed, you name it, we have it.

Residents will find our rental options to be affordable and comfortable in just the right style, whether they need a car for a week or a month. If the regular family vehicle needs to be in the shop or otherwise occupied, let our friendly staff help find the perfect match. Out of town weekend guests can sometimes put a strain on the personal vehicle, extra people require extra room. Consider renting a minivan or even a 12 passenger van for the weekend so everyone can ride together sightseeing, shopping or to one of the many tourist destinations in Houston.

Church groups, youth groups and senior groups will benefit from the 12 passenger vans in the Miles Car Rental Houston fleet. One of the nice things about these vans is the whole group can fit, but there is so much more to consider. No CDL is required to drive the vans. Save fuel driving one vehicle and visit with one another along the way. Day trips are a good way to get the group used to travelling together. Friendships are made and bonds are built on road trips together.

Vacations are a chance for family and friends to see sights and have adventures that they have never experienced. A change of scenery and a change of vehicle can make a big difference in this time spent together. Choosing a rugged SUV may be just the ticket for the regular sedan or luxury car driver. Think of the places it can go that the car just can’t. Adventures are always better when experienced with others. Taking others along means more bags, coolers and equipment to haul. Consider stepping up to a SUV or Suburban for cargo that other vehicles just can’t handle.

Rental vehicles are not just for groups and families; they are also an affordable choice for singles and couples. That special night can be extra special with the right ride. Set the mood with something sporty; sexy or luxurious. No matter the choice, a vehicle from Miles Car Rental Houston will surely make a big impression and get things started right.

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